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2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog

Division of Music

Division of Music
Location: Music Building, Monticello
Telephone: (870) 460-1060
Fax: (870) 460-1260
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3607, Monticello, AR 71656
Website: https://www.uamont.edu/academics/music/index.html


The mission of the Division of Music of the School of Arts and Humanities is to offer quality educational opportunities in music that provide students with the technical skills and the theoretical and historical knowledge necessary for competence in their chosen areas of concentration, and

  1. To prepare students at the baccalaureate level for successful careers in teaching and other musical occupations;
  2. To prepare students in music for successful graduate study;
  3. To provide students opportunities for cultural and aesthetic experiences through active participation in music;
  4. To offer general education course work in music for all students of the University;
  5. To provide cultural and aesthetic experiences for the University, the community, and southeast Arkansas through the presentation of recitals, concerts, musical theatre productions, master classes, workshops, and seminars.

Student Learning Outcomes

A student who graduates from the Division of Music should be able to:

  1. Practice the proper technical skills to perform effectively on one or more musical instruments.
  2. Use knowledge of musical history to place in chronological order and explore the forms, genres, performance, notation and biographical information of composers from the ancient to the twentieth century and be able to recognize those characteristics by sight and sound.
  3. Clearly and efficiently communicate basic musical ideas through physical gestures, i.e. posture, use of baton and open hand, basic patterns, left-hand independence, and control of tempos and volume.
  4. Successfully organize and operate a school instrumental or choral music program (not a requirement for students graduating with the B.A. in Music degree).
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of musical theory and apply that knowledge in the performance and creation of musical compositions.

Degrees Offered

The Division of Music offers academic programs which lead to the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree, a liberal arts degree, with concentrations in voice, piano, jazz, and instrumental, and the Bachelor of Music Education degree with concentrations in voice, piano, and instrumental.


The University of Arkansas at Monticello is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music.

Ensemble Requirements

All music majors are required to participate in a major ensemble (Concert Choir, Marching Band or Concert Band) within their concentration area each semester in residence. Students with a piano concentration may participate in any major music ensemble.

Piano Proficiency Examination

All candidates for the Bachelor of Arts in Music or the Bachelor of Music Education degree must pass a piano proficiency examination. The Music Student Handbook outlines in detail the specific piano proficiency requirements.

Applied Music Courses

All music majors must be enrolled in applied music each semester until completion of the Recital/Project.

Fees for private instruction are currently $50 for one credit hour and $70 for two credit hours.

Jury Examinations

All students enrolled in applied lessons are evaluated at the end of each semester before a jury composed of music faculty. An unexcused absence from the jury may result in a failing grade in the applied lesson. Seniors who have given a satisfactory Recital/Project are exempt from the jury examination during that semester.

Major Requirements

All baccalaureate degrees require at least 124 hours of college credit courses at the 10000-level or above. These courses must include the General Education requirements found elsewhere in this catalog and at least 40 hours of 30000-40000 level courses.


Undergraduate Major